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Thank you for visiting the JE Software website.

This site is dedicated to promoting the program "e_crp_r7" as well as others. It can be down loaded from  here.

The program "e_crp_r7" was written to work in Linux under WINE and Windows XP upwards:

  1. To aid the recording of legal documents on Computer and CD-ROM.
  2. To communicate securely between legal representatives and their clients.
  3. To communicate commercially sensitive documents
  4. To guarantee the identity of the communicators
  5. To help those with limited (or no funds) to record or archive their records.
  6. To help those with limited (or no funds) to record with integrity evidence of Judicial Corruption and unethical behaviour.

Legal paper work tends to be large in volume and not easy for an individual to access. Computers overcome these difficulties. This program enables the integrity and verification of computer data from initial creation, distribution and storage, to be maintained.

When an email is sent, anybody can read it if it is intercepted; either at the email provider, or on the server of the sender or receiver's machine. There is no guarantee that there has not been a communication breakdown between the sender and receiver allowing the email contents to be damaged. Also it is possible for an email message to be sent to the wrong person by the ISP provider. There is no guarantee that an email received is from the address provided. This program enables the sender to be verified and only the person for whom the message is for can read it.

In the early days of email sending it was possible to send an email with sender particulars from any stmp address.  This enable emails to appear to be from a particular person when in fact it was from a person pretending to be that person.  When a computer was stolen it was often easy to get access to all the sender's email particulars and enable the thief to pretend to be the sender (identify theft).  The program was designed to identify the sender.  If the receiver could decrypt the attachment then it was from who the sender claimed to be.  This is very important in legal matters if the client of the solicitor is on the other side of the world and cannot see the solicitor in person.  It would also be possible for the client to take an SHA1 hash of the attachment  and fax or phone the solicitor with the SHA1 HEX values.  This would be very important if the paper work involved financial negotiations worth millions of pounds.

Encryption makes a message unreadable and de-cryption makes the message readable again. Both encryption and decryption require a password. If the incorrect password is used then the decrypted message is not the right one. This is fine but a lawyer, doctor or policeman will want to know immediately if the message has decrypted correctly to what the message was before it was encrypted. A digital signature on the message will enable one to do this securely. This is what encryption program written by JE Software does.

The encrypted files have to be sent as attachments which any reasonable email program can do. The problems with passwords is that the user has to remember them. The more passwords to remember, the more difficult it becomes to select a secure password. This encryption program creates a password list database. A password in a password list file can be totally random and of 100 characters in length. The user only has to create this password once. This password can be selected with a click of a mouse button. The user does not even need to know what this password is. Passwords are stored in a password list file. It is important that the user knows the password to open the password list file. This is the only password he needs to remember as he could store several passwords that he needs in his daily business in this password list file. It is important that there are several back ups of this important file. Other than this passwords are not a problem in this program.

This program uses long passwords up to 100 characters long. This is a very important part of the program. The purpose of the long passwords is to enable an email sender and recipient to be uniquely identified and for the probability of two created passwords being the same being is extremely small.

This program has a number of functions that useful for people who engage in computer repair, financial/mathematical calculations, data preservation, server and data management.  They are listed here.

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