File comparisons

When practising the tutorials it is worth using a Ramdisk. For further details of a ramdisk go here

1 Compare Files Various functions for comparing two files
1 Two Files Compares two files
2 Two Files Byte Differences 10K to 1000k max Compares two files and checks for differences
3 One File with Many Select file and search for other files that are exact copies of this file
4 File with Compressed File Compares compressed File and non-compressed file
5 Partial Files Compares two files for a set amount of bytes
6 Decrypt not described yet
7 Split Decrypt not described yet
8 Decrypt not described yet
9 Split Decrypt not described yet

2 Compare Directories Various functions for comparing log file and directory or two directories
1 Directories Compare two directories
2 Differences compare two directories and show differences
3 Multiple File & Directories not described yet
4 DVDcheck Directories not described yet
5 Compare Log File and Directory
  • Single SHA1 log file
  • Double SHA1 log file
  • which can be unencrypted
  • which can be encrypted