Text & File Hash Values

There is a need to verify messages.  Emails can be from anywhere and always have the possibility of having the wording changed.  It is therefore useful to send the hash value of a message by another means such as fax or telephone.

Files can be changed by trojans, viruses, human error, disk drive error or operating system error.  Files can only be stored on SSD, hard disk, USB drive, CDROM or DVD.  The hash of the file can be stored on paper copy and files away thus preserving some means of verifying a file has not changed.

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Sub menu  Text & File Hash Values

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File Signature Values
  • obtains Hash value of file as well as file size
  • verifies program with hash stored in text file "e_crypt7.exe.txt"
  • can compare file hashes to determine if same or different
  • can copy hash to clipboard
  • can compare hashes to determine if same or different
  • can compare strings up to 200 characters to determine if they are the same or different
Sub Sub menu Text Signature Values
  • Obtains hash of text message typed into Edit box
  • Obtained hash of text message loaded from file into Edit box
  • can copy hash to clipboard
  • use hash of file contents or text message to create random passwords