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The documentation here is in  tables.  The first table looks at the Sub Menu.  The other tables describes the entries of the Sub Sub Menu.


Menu Level

Why Needed


Alarm Clock
Working on a computer can be enable the user to forget the time and miss important appointments.
Sets Alarm by Clock time or by time duration
Some events need to be timed
  • Can determine the time of events.  The lowest revolution is in milliseconds
  • While timer is running can copy timer data to clipboard
  • When timer is stopped can copy timer data to clipboard

menu display Alarm Clock
screen display

Screen Display after pressing "Set Alarm" button
  • Set the alarm by "Timer alarm"  or by "Clock Alarm".
  • Clear Time will set the time of "Timer alarm" and "Clock Alarm" to zero
Screen Display after selecting "Clock Alarm" or "Timer Alarm" button This shows the time alarm is set to go off and how long is left before the alarm goes off
Screen Display after pressing "Alarm gone off OK" button
When the alarm goes off half the screen is covered so it is visibly obvious the timer or clock alarm
ClipBoard Entry example
Friday 28-4-2017 17:34:47

menu display Timer
screen display
Screen Display

2 ClipBoard Entries
Saturday 29- 4-2017- 1- 1-37 timer  -

Saturday 29- 4-2017- 1- 1- 3
timer: 0 hrs 0 minutes 36 seconds 449 milliseconds