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Menu Heading Synopsis of functions
  • Functions for passwords
  • Help to protect from keyloggers and micro-cameras
  • Check creation of random data
  • Clear ClipBoard and highlight program with open clipboard (copy and paste is prevented)

  • Examine Directories
  • Examine Dates
  • Split and join large Files
  • Examine Directories and sub directories
  • Get Characters not on keyboard
  • Create Files to help Programmers
  • Examine Hex structure of Files and Directories
  • Locate Files with particular Name Structure
  • Copy and transfer selected File Data
  • Create Rulers and Graph Paper
  • Obtain and compare File Hash values
  • Compare two strings up to 200 characters long
  • Change Working Directory
  • Stress Disk

File comparisons
  • Compare Files and Directories
  • Compare Files and Log Files
  • Compare Log Files and Directories
  • Check Hashes
  • Check File Name Lengths
  • Find Matching File Names and Duplicate Files
  • Examine History of File Changes from Log Files

  • Examine Log Files
  • Compare Log Files for  File Changes
  • Compare Log Files and actual Files for changes

Make Logs
  • Create Log Files

Unicode  Utilities
  • Find Unicode Characters
  • Examine Unicode Directories

  • Explain various Functions in program
  • Some Functions no longer exist

  • Calculates using 'decimal' rather than 'binary'
  • Algebra Calculations to show how result is calculated
  • Calculations accurate to 40 significant places
  • Profit and loss calculater
  • Decimal to Hex and Binary conversions
  • Gcode examination for CNC

  • Set Alarm Clock
  • Set Timer

  • Increase available memory
  • Run from command line
  • Deliberately leave open clipboard for test purposes
  • Examine contents of Clipboard
  • Comments on issues in society that needs changing

  • Where to send donations for program

(short cut key "CTRL+x")
  • Exit functions

ztest Ignore used when checking program
new test Ignore used when writing program