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Menu Level

Why Needed


Bypass Key Logger
  • Trojans from Internet can insert key loggers which can read keystrokes of bank passwords or internet shop passwords
  • Find ASCII Character not on Keyboard

Fonts Sub-sub
This will enable the user to copy characters to clipboard
Get Window Text Sub-sub
  • This will enable the user to copy characters to clipboard
  • This will enable user to put characters direct to Message or Password Entry window not using ClipBoard
  • This enables text to be obtained from a Window in "Windows operating system" Not work in Linux WINE
Clear Clipboard Ctrl+C
  • There is no function to clear data copied to clipboard
  • There is no function to identify a program that prevents data copying by holding clipboard open
  • This clears the clipboard
  • This puts program holding clipboard open as a top window
    • May or may not work in Linux WINE

Number of decryption functions to decrypt encrypted message

Number of encryption functions to ecrypt message
Surveillance cameras can watch key strokes and mouse clicks and so determine entered password
  • The value of the keys can be hidden from view
  • Keyboards can be edited and saved
  • Keybords can be loaded:
    • Unaltered Saved Keyboard
    • Modified Saved Keybord
    • Modified Saved Keyboard with SHA
Log Encrypt
Files or messages sent over the internet can be changed. This can be problematic for legal documents.  An SHA1 log file of the legal documents can check integrity of legal document.  However you need to protect the integrity of the SHA1 log file.  This can be done by encrypting the SHA1 log file and sending this to the legal document recipient.
encryption functions to ecrypt SHA1 log files
Message Ctrl+M
Windows programs can save parts of entered text to disc when you do not want it to.
This enables the writing of short notes
Enables the Examination of the Clipboard
New Passwords/Dummy Encryption Files
All Encrypted files can be cracked
Create random files which look like encrypted files
Obscure Files - new routine Sub
  • All Encrypted files can be cracked
  • Server administrator needs to generate passwords for users
  • user needs to generate UN-guessable passwords
  • Different servers need different types of password
  • Modify encrypted files in a manner that can be unmodified.
  • Create lists of random passwords for different types of server
Program Processes Check Sub Need a random generator to create password.  But how unrepeatable is random generator Processes to  create random passwords can be observed for randomness
Single Password list Sub Random Passwords cannot be remembered Functions to create, save, print and copy random passwords
Two Password list Sub Password lists need a remembered password Functions to create, save, print and copy random passwords to a random password list
Write Over Memory Sub Programs work well under lots of memory.  Does it work when memory is limited? Functions to reduce memory to enable programmer to check integrity of program they are writing under conditions of operating system stress