Ram Disk Details

Ramdisks leave no activity trace when the machine is switched off.  SSD disks are not privacy secure.  Modern hard disks use SSD mechanisms for caching purposes and thus pose a security weakness.

In /etc/fstab write entry tmpfs /home/username/ram tmpfs defaults,noatime,mode=1777,size=20MB 0 0
creates ramdisk in directory /home/username/ram
Use Wine to run program "e_crypt7" program

Google for ramdisk software.  Free Basic ramdisk software to create 100MB of ramdisk is likely to be available at no cost.  Need to check that ramdisk software has no hidden problems attached to it.  Appropriate Antivirus and rootkit checking software is needed.  Website http://www.dataram.com/ is worth looking at.

The biggest advantage of a ram disk is the ability to have very fast loading and writing times. It also allows one to experiment without fear of doing damage to a hard disk.  It also allows one to try things out as possible approaches to security without leaving any trace.  Modern file systems use journaling which can leave traces of data on hard disks that a person may not want left.  A ram disk loses of traces of its file system when the computer is switched of.