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Mind Rape – A Mental Abuse that warrants a Name

Description of Contents

The subject of ‘Mind Rape’ is complex and cannot be reduced to a few bullet points.  I have divided the discussion into three parts:

  1. Why the document is important to read.
  2. Defining what it is and why it needs to be defined.
  3. Remedy and Conclusion.

Why the Document is important to read

When I was about 16 I remember spending at least 5 minutes before a mirror deciding whether to cut my throat with a razor blade.  It was a very close thing that I did not.  Someone I know described how they were standing on the edge of a road deciding whether to walk in front of an articulated lorry or not when they were young.  It was a very close thing that they did not.  I know of someone else who took a load of pills when they were young.  They did not take enough to do serious damage.  I have met many people who I believe bear the scars of ‘mind rape’ and have no means to remedy the abuse they have been subjected to.  A number of people who have seen my earlier drafts have told me they have been ‘mind raped’.

‘Mind rape’ is difficult to describe and difficult to grasp.  I am indebted to many people for the help I have received in the development of this set of documents.  I must be grateful for the negative experiences that enabled me to put together the words coming from experience.  I am grateful for the positive experiences that enabled me to see what works and what does not.

I believe that many child suicides are related to children experiencing ‘mind rape’.  I also believe that many of the killings in American schools by pupils armed with guns is related to the pupils having experienced ‘mind rape’ rather than the bullying that is claimed to be the cause.  Some of the terrorist atrocities where many people are killed or injured could be related to the terrorist perpetrator  having been ‘mind raped’  in their past and needing to regain their self worth.

It is important to read and take note of the ‘mind rape’ description that follows for the reasons given above.

In the final part of the document I discuss possible remedies for investigation by those in authority and the individual with a health disability.

To save on paper copies because of the continual editing work taking place the document has been split into parts.

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